25 things to do in Tulsa (OK)

Tulsa is a city in Oklahoma, but it has so much more to offer than just the state! It’s diverse with events and attractions for all types of people. Many restaurants have an unbeatable atmosphere. Tulsa is also very family-friendly because there are plenty of parks for everyone to enjoy.

Things To Do In Tulsa (OK)

1. Woody Guthrie Center

The history of American music would be completely different if not for Woody Guthrie.

Oklahoma, the son, wrote some powerful songs, including “This Land Is Your Land.” He had a great influence on Bob Dylan with his work ethic!

You can learn more about this at the museum. They have scores of photos from throughout Guthrie’s life that give insight into what kind of person he was.

And don’t forget all those notebooks; they’re invaluable memorabilia in understanding who this man truly is.

The museum also has rotating exhibits, so you’ll always get something new every time! It’s worth checking out, especially if you’re a music lover like me!

2. Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

Take a walk through the doors of this museum, and you’ll be treated to an entire gallery dedicated to some musical legends.

Names like Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald, or Chet Baker Jr are just three examples that stand out from many more in their respective fields when it comes down to jazz music history here!

You can learn all about how these musicians have impacted our culture as well as others around the world by visiting Tulsa’s Oklahoma Jazz Hall Of Fame today – don’t miss your opportunity because there won’t always be another chance soon enough!!

3. Blue Dome Entertainment District

The Blue Dome Entertainment District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a nine-block area that houses some of the finest restaurants and bars to be found anywhere.

The main concentration lies at an old gas station which has been beautifully renovated for your entertainment needs with everything from billiards tables to live music venues inside its towering walls!

In addition, there are plenty more options just around every corner, including Dust Bowl Billard Clubhouse.

A spot where you can sink your teeth into delicious food while knocking down some pins or having drinks by Arnie’s Bar always has something going on, whether it be karaoke or trivia night.

4. Oklahoma Aquarium

Step into the Oklahoma Aquarium, one of America’s best aquariums. Tulsa is where you can find this great attraction, and it has been around since 2003!

With its 72000 square feet to explore, including jellyfish tanks for those who love scary sea creatures like lionfish or even turtle habitats.

There are so many amazing things that will leave your jaw on the floor (or at least stuck in open-mouthed awe)!

5. Tulsa Arts District

The Tulsa Arts District is home to Oklahoma’s most famous landmarks, including the historic Cain’s Ballroom and Glassblowing Studio.

This cultural hub also includes many other innovative art forms like music concerts at the Brady Theater venue or galleries showcasing local artists’ work throughout all four seasons!

6. The Gilcrease Museum

For decades, the Gilcrease Museum has been an important resource for anyone interested in American art.

It’s home to one-quarter of a million pieces that date back as far as 500 BC!

The museum not only commemorates this country’s artistic legacy but also strives to educate visitors about it through powerful displays and informative programming with world-class experts.

Who can answer your questions regarding any piece on display or offer insight into how these objects were used during different periods throughout history (and if they still are).

Not too far from downtown Tulsa sits this historic institution where you’ll find everything beneath “American Made.”

7. The Gathering Place

Tulsa’s newest addition to the River Parks system is a haven for adults and kids alike. The Gathering Place offers everything from kayaking, hiking, skating – you name it!

It’s like this one-size-fits-all place were cutting open meets fresh air; there are so many activities available that everyone will find something they enjoy doing on any given day at the parklands’ new hotspot called “The gathering spot.”

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8. Tulsa Zoo

Among those given the full extent of respect at this sanctuary are elephants, chimpanzees, and rhinoceros!

The Tulsa Zoo has an extraordinary amount of biodiversity stretching to the ends of Africa and Asia.

You can be moved by how much work this zoo does for conservation, which was especially apparent when I saw their educational videos on protecting vulnerable species in our world today!

9. Tulsa Performing Arts Center

The Tulsa Performing Arts Center is more than just a theater. This impressive facility houses four distinct theaters and an art gallery, with space for rehearsals!

The walls feel imbued with creative energy thanks to artists from all over the world performing or exhibiting their work here.

It’s no wonder that so many performers are drawn into this environment of creativity.

10. Shopping

Tulsa is home to stores and boutiques full of unique items you won’t find elsewhere. The Cherry Street District has practically everything in gift shops, antique stores, and clothing retail outlets!

Suppose it’s an interesting place to shop that you’re looking for. In that case, this destination might be the perfect fit because there are so many options here where people can let their creativity shine through in their purchases!

11. Food & Drink

When I go on vacation, I don’t just want a bunch of places to visit or see. What if something goes wrong?

That isn’t any fun at all! Instead, what makes my trip worthwhile are restaurants I adore eating at with food worth waiting hours for (or even days). Tulsa offers some of the best food in Oklahoma.

There are plenty of good dining options where you can be treated to a five-star meal. Still, suppose that isn’t your style. In that case, there are always fast-casual places like The Cheesecake Factory where I can still get my fix without having to make an appointment at their reservation desk!

Oklahoma is known for its barbeque, so trying it here makes me feel right at home. Nobody does barbecue just as well as they do back down south – even when I’m not visiting family!

If you’re looking for somewhere with delicious eats and friendly staff, then definitely check out all these restaurants above because this city serves up flavorful experiences all year round!

12. Tulsa Air and Space Museum

The Tulsa Air and Space Museum is a treasure trove of artifacts. No matter what your passion happens to be, there’s something on display here that will catch your eye!

Everyone has different interests, but I don’t think anyone can deny having at least one thing they truly love about the sky above us.

Whether it’s hot air balloons or racing planes from World War II – because all those things are represented here in this museum with plenty more where those came from!

In addition to these exhibits, you’ll find yourself wandering through hallways full of memoirs donated by some very special people, as well as learning new facts every step of the way, thanks to the interactive displays around the building.

You could spend hours going through everything here, so it’s the perfect place to visit if you want to feel like a kid again and be awestruck by all the things we’ve accomplished in this world!

13. Tulsa Botanic Garden

Suppose you are looking for a place to spend time with your loved ones. In that case, the Tulsa Botanical Garden is an excellent destination.

This garden has many different flowers and trees that all ages can enjoy.

One of the greatest attractions at this garden is A.R and Marylouise Tandy’s Floral Terrace, comprised of more than 100K spring bulbs!

There are also things to do in Tulsa, like visiting their visitors center, where you can find out all about how they care for these gorgeous flowers every year- or enjoy them with us as we have some great events going on right now.

Other features include a Lakeside Promenade & Children’s Discovery Garden so your kids will be taken away from screens while learning new skills, too, such as identifying shapes by sight.

Finding wildflowers when it snows (they’re not only pretty but necessary); exploring nature through art projects made by our permanent collection.

14. Safari Joe’s H20 Water Park

There’s no better way to cool down during the heatwave than with a trip to safari joes h20 water park!

This Tulsa institution provides tons of thrills and refreshments.

Some attractions at this great place include the wave pool, the lazy river flowing beautifully through its channels while providing you an opportunity for some fun dips or floating on rafts.

Many slides will take your breath away as they race past hanging over pools filled with refreshing waters (yes – even though we’re talking about hot summer days).

The thrills at this Oklahoma park aren’t just heart-stopping; they’re also genuinely impressive with non-aquatic fun options such as animal exhibits or Safari Joe’s Reptile World for those looking to get their adrenaline pumping without getting wet!

15. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

There’s something about heading to a casino that is just as enjoyable for adults in Tulsa.

It may be because of all the free entertainment they offer, but it feels like there are always new things at any given time!

With easy access through travel hacking (and if you’re staying here), then your trip won’t disappoint either.

Especially with motorcycles hanging from ceilings or displays showcasing some outstanding artwork by famous rockers.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has a wide variety of shows to suit any taste.

This, along with can’t miss shopping, makes this an excellent spot for those who love music, especially rock audiences alike.

16. Juniper

Juniper is a restaurant that strives to provide fresh and healthy food while also being responsible.

This farm-to-table establishment has great wines, cocktails made with organic ingredients (including the fruit), and local craft beer on tap!

The food at Juniper is both sophisticated and tasty, making it a great place for any occasion.

The skilled staff will also impress you with their wine selection – including an experienced Sommelier!

17. The Golden Driller

This 76-foot tall figure stands as a monument to truly epic proportions. It shows how determination has been bred in Oklahoma since its birth over seventy years ago.

Long before it became one of America’s most prosperous states due mostly thanks also because many people moved here from Texas where they had made their fortune during filling days.

18. Fat Guy’s Burger Bar

Fat Guy’s Burger Bar is a guilty pleasure destination in Tulsa.

With creative innovations like the “Insane in-house ground beef patty” and vegan offerings such as

The Vegan BBQ, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list of people who need some good food delivered right when they do!

The Fat Guy’s Burger Bar Challenge is for anyone who feels daring and wants their picture on the wall after consuming a 2-pound patty, as well as an entire pound of French fries.

19. Philbrook Museum of Art

The Philbrook Museum of Art is a cultural institution that preserves history by preserving incredible pieces from all over the world.

The museum has pieces dating back centuries, which we can learn more about this place where they’re preserved for future generations!

The Phillips Museum is a Tulsa treasure trove of history and culture.

Its lush 23-acre garden adds to its beauty, making this museum one not to be missed when visiting the city for an educational field trip or family vacation!

20. Philbrook Downtown

The Philbrook Downtown is a museum that celebrates modern art in Tulsa. It has more of an emphasis on new, up-and-coming talents rather than traditional artists from years ago.

However, many great pieces are still displayed throughout the building, including ones by famous photographers such as Jason Lee or Larry Clark!

There are so many things to see at this museum! From 20th-century Native American art and handicrafts in the Identity & Inspiration exhibit.

Down through Flutter with its beautifully kept butterfly garden, you won’t be able (or maybe willing)to leave without taking home something special for your loved ones.

21. Utica Square

Utica Square is a shopping haven for anyone who feels most comfortable with their arms full of bags.

The stores here seem to have everything you could imagine, and if not, then there’s always Utike Fast Food Restaurant right across from the square!

Plus, delicious restaurants like cafes will make any shopper drool over what they ordered before getting back into traffic after an adventure at one (or more) upscale retail outlets such as Coach or Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

22. NYC Pizza

NYC Pizza is the best place to get a slice of New York-style pizza in Tulsa.

It’s also one of my favorite pizzerias because they make sure to give their customers what they want from a good pie: that perfect crunchy crust with plenty of cheese on top and tomato sauce just dripping off it!

You can find some of the best pizza in Tulsa on this menu. There are plenty of familiar toppings like pepperoni, sausage, and onions to go with it!

Calzones await you as well, so make sure not to miss them when looking through these delicious options for your meal today (or any day).

You won’t regret giving one bite into something that’s been marinating perfectly after being baked just right – garlic knots are also available, which we’re told always makes everything better than expected.”

23. Route 66

If you are looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustles of city life, then take your trip on Route 66.

This stretch through Oklahoma City will leave you feeling like classic America with all its roadside attractions that reflect this sense of nostalgia from old Hollywood movies or tv shows about cowboys and pioneers.

There are even some memorable neon signs along the way!

24. University of Tulsa

The University of Tulsa has been around for more than 120 years, and it’s no wonder why they’ve earned their reputation as an “America’s Best College.”

With small class sizes (11 students per instructor), there’ll be plenty of opportunities not only to learn but thrive while taking advantage of all that downtown life offers too!

25. Oxley Nature Center

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise while you’re at it.

There’s tons of terrain here, so there will always be something new for your hiking partner or yourself!

The trails are easy enough that even little kids can do them with supervision from an adult if necessary.

However, more experienced hikers may want certain ones like “Blackland Marsh Trail” (which has marshy areas) because they offer a bit more of a challenge.

From the nature center, it’s only about an hour’s drive to Tulsa Hills, which is also great for hiking and offers beautiful views from the top!


There are always events happening in Tulsa. Check out these upcoming events:

The Tulsa State Fair runs from September 27th through October 13th and offers rides, games, food, and more!

The Philbrook Museum of Art hosts a Jazz concert on October 12th worth attending.

The Tulsa CARing Project is a great family event held on October 13th at the Guthrie Green.

There are plenty of booths to stop by, kid activities, food trucks, and more! For adults 21+, there’s also an after-party with live music from The New Mastersounds!


Tulsa has many fun attractions for people of all ages, including these top picks.

Hiking Trails

Divide County Park has three different trails you can hike depending on your skill level (Intermediate Level).

If you want something closer to town, check out Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area or Keystone Ancient Forest Preserve (good for families, too!).

Be sure not to miss the Prehistoric Gardens near Keystone!


Tulsa has so many incredible restaurants that it was hard to pick just a few. Here are some of the best in town, though!

The Paramount Grill is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with delicious food and impressive drinks.

If you’re looking for somewhere more unique, check out Mayur Kabob House & Indian Cuisine, where they serve up authentic Pakistani dishes along with great customer service.

For an upscale dining experience, make sure your reservation at Ocean Prime is set. The menu there offers fresh seafood, prime beef cuts, and even vegetarian options if that’s what you prefer!


There’s something for everyone about attractions in Tulsa, Oklahoma. No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find an activity that will pique your curiosity! From amazing restaurants serving up delectable dishes to fascinating museums containing interesting artifacts, there’s always something new waiting just around the corner. Get out and explore everything this city has to offer – you won’t regret it!

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